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Southern Living Home 
Decor for 2020

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Southern Living At It's Best

Hello spring!  I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of winter so when spring is approaching it gets me very excited and full of new ideas for Southern Living Home Decor.  

I live in the South, but in my particular part of the South it has been very cold and I am itching for the colors of spring and all the new life that is just waiting to happen. Every year I seem to have a color theme that speaks to me and I change out my pillows as my “spring update”.    

I saw a little daffodil peeping through in my flower beds and that is all it took for my mind to get going and I decided that some “green” was needed indoors. So, now I introduce you to my Southern Living Home Décor ideas for 2020… it’s all about the green!

First, let’s talk about real, living green.  I hope you are able to have live plants in your living space.  There is nothing that compares with surrounding yourself with glorious, living things. If you have a brown thumb, consider faux plants.  They add just as much color and are a beautiful option. If you’re lucky you can add a little pop of color in the form of a blooming plant (or a faux option).  

I received an African Violet from my sweet little grandson for Christmas and it is just blooming away and bringing me much joy! It also happens to be my favorite color – pink.  I tend to decorate in neutrals, and even my “colors” aren’t often bright. But, I adore the little accents here and there. 

What’s your favorite accent color? Or maybe you like lots and lots of color and your spring update is full of vibrant pillows, throws, etc. Sticking with my green theme, nothing says Southern Living Home Décor like ferns.  Can’t you just picture a lovely, Southern front porch filled with ferns and rocking chairs?  I found these fern embroidered pillows and immediately became obsessed…then I saw the little daffodil peeking through in one of my flower beds and voila!  

Green fern pillows save the day, they satisfy my craving for green and Southern Living Home Decor. It is perfection! I added some green velvet pillows and that adorable little round velvet pillow in a beautiful shade of honey. 

What do you do indoors when spring rolls around?  I will eventually add more green to my mantel and maybe switch out my throws for something green OR pink.  I updated my galvanized tray with some spring goodies as well, a faux plant, the African Violet and two little ceramic birds.  

You can’t really see the birds all that well in my photo, but they are there and they are the epitome of spring! 

Then I will complete my updated Southern Living Home Decor with fragrance.  I don’t think the decorating is ever finished until your home smells of whatever season you are in.  For me right now, that happens to be Front Porch, which is described as “welcoming as a floral border and a picket fence”.  I don’t think it gets any better than that. 

What do you have up your sleeve for spring?
~I hope you make the things around you lovely and alive


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