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Country Store

About Us
Embroidered Fern Fronds Cotton Square Pillow | Cornell's Country Store

Not your typical 
Country Store

What started out as a feed & seed store has turned into a little something for everyone.  Cornell's Coutry Store is still known locally as "the feed store", but take a look around and you will see we are so much more!  We love all things about our Southern country lifestyle.  We invite you to check out our online offerings here, and we would love for you to stop by if you ever find yourself in our part of the Texas panhandle in the tiny town of Clarendon!

I Just Like Pretty Things

If I'm going to work in the feed store, I'm going to add some pretty things.

Cornell's Country Store
Stoneware Birds | Cornell's Country Store

I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.
Elsie Dewolf

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us a part here at Cornell's Country Store is we really do believe in doing more than what is necessary; more than just what is required. We love all things Southern and country is our name!  We have set the bar high for ourselves, we are proudly family owned and operated and we want to make your day - whether that is finding the perfect little accent for your home, a great dress that makes you feel fabulous, or maybe you found a gift that you cannot wait to give.  We want your experience here and the things your purchase to bring you joy.

Home Decor | Cornell's Country Store
Rachel Wrap Dress | Cornell's Country Store

Cornell's is a good place to get feed for stock animals. It is also a great place for gifts, home yard tools, bedding plants in the spring, and other home items you might need year round.

Briton Patten

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