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Southern Men’s Clothing

What Exactly Is Southern Men's Clothing?

You know Southern style, right?

It’s easy, classic, laid back but can really dress up if the occasion calls for it.  Whether a man is from the South or not, there is definitely a style known as Southern.  What do you think of when you hear “southern” and “men”? I think of hard-working, honest, classy gentlemen that work hard and play even harder. So, let’s talk about Southern men’s clothing.

The staple in every Southern man’s closet has got to be his blue jeans, and he has probably been wearing the same style for quite some time.   If you’re wanting to step out and try something new how about changing the style up on your jeans for starters. As I write this, you should know that I am definitely from the South and am married to a Southern man that has worn Wranglers his whole life.  We are in the business of selling denim (amongst other things) and I have only gotten him to change to Cinch jeans recently. So, if you or your man has been wearing Wranglers forever it may be time to step it up a little! Not that there is anything wrong with a good pair of Wranglers! But, how about a little diversity?  Ariat, Cinch or Rock and Roll Denim is a great place to start amping up your Southern men’s clothing style. There are several styles, cuts and washes to choose from. A favorite here at Cornell’s Country Store is Cinch, because in our part of Texas Southern men’s clothing is not about fancy pockets or anything too far from what they grew up wearing!  The younger generations’ idea of Southern men’s clothing seems to gravitate toward Rock and Roll Denim, with some heavy topstitching and decorative pocket detail. We have just started getting in some Ariat men’s denim, and it has been a hit as well.

Moving on to shirts, first let’s talk about our Sunday-go-to-meeting wardrobe!  What’s new in Southern men’s clothing? Stretch and comfort, that’s what’s new! Ariat has become a fan favorite with it’s comfortable stretch, and roomy cut without being so full that it’s “blousy”.  Panhandle Slim is still our number one seller, but Ariat is a close second. You can find all sorts of great prints that will have you looking and feeling good when you’re going out, headed to church or a meeting of some kind.  If solids are more your thing, Cinch Button Down Solids are the favorite, and they’re never going out of style. Cinch button downs are a staple in the Southern men’s clothing department and I believe they are around to stay.

Southern men’s clothing goes to work - 
if you’re work takes you to the ranch or the farm you are probably familiar with Wrangler work shirts.  Nothing holds up better, wash after wash, day after day like a Wrangler work shirt. Whether you like the light weight tried-and-true Wrangler plaids or the work-as-hard-as-you-do denim, the classic Wrangler work shirt has you covered. Finish off with a great pair of boots or casual shoes from Ariat, Justin or Twisted X and you’re all set.  Twisted X Driving Mocs has been the favorite across all generations, because they are hands-down the most comfortable shoe in the store.  So, tell me what do you think of when you hear Southern Men’s Clothing?

~til next time, stay stylish, Deanna

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