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Let’s face it, graphic tees are everywhere and 
they are not going away.

They’ve become a wardrobe staple for most of us, and allow us to show off our personality a little bit! 
So how to style graphic tees is bound to cross your mind. Sure, it’s great to throw on your favorite graphic tee and run out the door for Saturday morning errands, except when you’re feeling a little more stylish! Maybe you’re meeting up with the girls for lunch later, or you’ll be out all day and don’t want to feel frumpy but you want to be comfy! Another point to make about graphic tees is they are size and age-friendly. All ladies of every shape, size, and age can confidently wear a graphic tee. 

My daughters and I often wear matching tees for fun!
on styling your favorite, never-going-to-throw-it out super soft graphic tees, because graphic tees are made for so much more than being stuck in the bottom of a forgotten dresser drawer and reserved for slouchy days, although we do love those days too!

Let’s talk accessories.  It’s easy to style your graphic tees with all the right accessories.  Big, chunky earrings are my personal favorite because they make me feel like I put forth some effort with my look for the day even though I’m wearing a tee-shirt.   My other favorites are simple beads and a bracelet or two. You’d be surprised how “finished” your look will appear with a touch of the right accessories.

Now maybe jewelry isn’t your thing, and if that’s you then I would say the perfect answer is a silk scarf.  They are very much in style and add a fun, sassy look to your graphic tees. Leopard print, bright and bold abstracts, snakeskin – you name it, scarves are the number one perfect accessory for your graphic tees.  If it’s a little chilly out add a simple cardigan or a denim jacket along with the scarf. 

If you’re really feeling all that sass add a Fedora, or a floppy hat, or any hat.  Nothing pulls your outfit together like a cute hat. Perfect for those bad hair days!  

Now let’s talk about the bottom half of your adorable graphic tee outfit.  Pair your fun graphic tees with your skinny jeans, cropped jeans, boot cut jeans, boyfriend jeans, flares, capris, and the list goes on and on.  Then throw on your favorite booties or wedges and you’re ready to go just about anywhere. My go-to is always cropped jeans, and I love a little front tuck to give some shape to my outfit.  Not a fan of the front tuck? Try tying a small knot off to one side, that way you don’t get a boxy look, which is not usually flattering to anyone.  

Thanks for reading!  I’d love to hear your favorite ways to style graphic tees.  Drop me a line sometime if you get a chance or send in a pic of your favorite graphic tee look, and you might just become our next featured photo.

‘til next time, stay stylish

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